Power User Apple Shortcut-Key Cheatsheet

We put together a Cheatsheet for all of the most widely used shortcut keys. Check it out- Click Here


Blogger-Remove a Category!

Ok-challenge to my friends in the Bloggersphere- how do you remove a label from the categories section in Blogger.

We"ll after spending 2 hours this afternoon it's as simple as highlighting all of the posts with that particular label and removing it. Once it's removed from all posts it goes bye-bye. Thanks Google once again for not having it posted anywhere in the universe. The confusion stems from folks using the older layout in Blogger where you can manually delete a label, that's no longer the case with the Blogger upgrade.
Hope I saved you a little time!
Happy Blogging.

Find Mac Lion Library

Open Terminal:
Type: chflags nohidden ~/Library/

Another tip for quick and temporary access to your ~/Library/ directory that still retains it’s default hidden nature, try one of the following tips:
Use “Go To Folder” and Open ~/Library/ Directly
All you need to do is hit Command+Shift+G from the Mac desktop (or Finder > Go > Go to Folder) and type in ~/Library to temporarily access the Library directory in the Finder. When you are done, close this window and it will no longer be visible.

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